Swiss Fund & Finance Platform

About us


Independent and transparent

Swiss Fund Platform LTD is a legally and financially independent subsidiary of CORUM Holding AG. This allows it to benefit, on the one hand, from having a strong parent company and yet, on the other, to retain its independence in financial and organisational terms.
Our business relations with our partners are built on a basis of trust and absolute transparency. We set great store by clear and straightforward reporting vis-à-vis our partners, and our fee structures are both fair and comprehensible. Through transparency, we create both trust and added value.

High standards

We ensure that all recognised industry guidelines are strictly complied with in our everyday business and take account of the latest scientific findings.

Sustainable strategy

Swiss Fund Platform LTD has a stable shareholder structure. Besides CORUM Holding LTD, voting shares are held by the management, staff and project team members of Swiss Fund Platform AG. Conflicts of interest can thus be avoided. We pursue a long-term and sustainable strategy.


The team at Swiss Fund Platform LTD has in-depth expertise in the field of collective capital investments. Thanks to their many years of experience as well as the company’s own in-house IT system, Swiss Fund Platform LTD is able to offer its customers a unique service.


Urs Keller



Urs Keller has been working in the asset management business for more than 20 years. From January 2008 to April 2017, he was Head of Investor Relations 3rd Party Funds at Coutts & Co. LTD. He was responsible for the investment funds of the branches in Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong. From 2004 to 2007, he headed the third-party business of Bank Julius Baer & Co. LTD. Prior to that, he held leading positions at Citco Fund Advisors (Switzerland) LTD, Swissca Fund Management and Credit Suisse Asset Management Funds (formerly Credis /CSAM Funds).
M: +41(0)78 789 65 32
T: +41(0)44 218 50 84


Stefan Bucher

Managing Partner


Stefan Bucher is the founder of Swiss Fund Platform LTD and owner of CORUM Holding LTD. As Managing Partner, he is responsible for the strategic management of Swiss Fund Platform AG. He has many years' experience in the international investment and asset management business and is highly regarded in the industry as an asset management specialist.
M: +41(0)79 749 48 44
T: +41(0)44 218 50 82